Enter Pan Clash Explosion 2021

The UK’s Best

Steelpan Soloist Competition






1) To provide more steelpan opportunities for young people

2) Build young people's confidence and musical expression

3) To increase the audience that listen to live steelpan music





Pan Clash is a steelpan soloist competition for children under 16 and young people aged 16-30 that happens every October between 2007 - 2017. For a second year the event is taking place in November and we  are collaborating with the British Association of Steelbands (BAS) and their event Pan Explosion, which is an ensembles competition. The event this now called Pan Clash Explosion. Each year the rules change but at the heart of these rules is an individual performing a piece with a solo. Between 2012 – 2017 the British MOBO Awards sponsored the event. The winner receives a cash prize and a BAS Award. Musicians have the option to receive an accredited steelpan qualification this year.  


Pan Clash was created by Steel Pan Agency founder Shareen Gary BA (Hons). Steel Pan Agency, with a team of up to 15 musicians, predominantly provide workshops and performances at schools, private functions and corporate events and so far have visited over 500 schools; www.steelpanagency.com. Shareen has been organising Pan Clash since 2007 and in 2013 she formed Steel Pan Trust a charity promoting Steelpan Music that now organises this event in partnership with the BAS; www.steelpantrust.com.

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